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Link Governor: Rev Marc Wolverson


Our Religious Education curriculum aims to motivate and empower children to have informed conversations whilst equipping them to encounter life’s experiences. The distinctive Christian ethos permeates all aspects of school life whilst ensuring that the school Christian values are at the heart. Through constant reinforcement of mutual respect for one another, the children show great development spiritually, morally and academically. The close partnership with the Church and the wider community support the positive Christian impact on the school. Our curriculum is well designed to deepen the knowledge and develop skills, with literacy at the heart. Our Christian Values and Distinctiveness, alongside our Christian vision of ‘ A Christian Family where all are valued, children achieve and the future begins’ is the heart of our curriculum and all that we do at Leyland St James’.


Our Religious Education inclusive curriculum meets the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. At Leyland St James we follow the Questful RE syllabus written by the Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education, allowing children to explore a Questful and enquiry based curriculum. As a Christian School, our pupils are taught about other world faiths as part of the multicultural society in which we live. At Leyland St James we thrive on giving our children opportunities beyond our local area. As a school, we sponsor two children in Uganda supporting the Edukids charity. Our children are involved and take lead with ways in which they can help support others in their education. Our curriculum is well planned and provides stimulating lessons with clear knowledge-based learning objectives. The children reflect on God’s big story incorporating the key Christian concepts (God, Creation, Fall, People of God, Incarnation, Gospel, Salvation and Kingdom of God). Our curriculum is designed to support the children within their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development providing them with rich experiences. Throughout the Religious Education units, the children are assessed by using the ‘Questful maps’ and the Blackburn Diocese ladder of expectations. Fundamental British Values are actively promoted in Religious Education lessons in order to prepare our children for life in Modern Britain.


Through delivering our well-planned Religious Education curriculum our children are able to make links between Christian faith and those of others in their local community and in the wider world. Through the breadth and depth that our curriculum offers our children have a deepened understanding that every child is welcomed regardless of need serving our community through serving our children. At Leyland St James, we support and promote our children to become courageous advocates locally and globally for change in the world.